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Around 2010, when I dove into my archive as a way to find a new direction to my photography, I came across many images that were about a vernacular visual language typical to India. Around the same time I had also begun to photograph in the square format observing the irony, idiosyncrasy and inventiveness that abound in Indian life. Thus was born Indianisms.

You can look for meanings in the images, or consider them as Full Timepass Only.

Either way - Please Relish!

Indianisms refers to words or phrases characteristic of Indian English, often literal translations from the vernacular.


Prashant Panjiar

December 2023, Self-published

Limited edition of 350, numbered and signed

18 X 18 X 2.3 cm

Three accordion booklets in a four-fold outer case

68 pages / 56 Plates

INR 2000/- + Shipping

To buy within India (includes shipping)

Pay 2230/- to UPI ID: ppanjiar@okhdfcbank

& Send payment details with your full shipping

address to

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