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This wall is not new.

For over a 100 years the Hindu dominated, Vanmadi Vanka Ni Pol, and the neighbouring Muslim, Jilaiwada, in the Shapur locality of Ahmedabad's old city, in the Indian state of Gujarat, had co-existed peacefully.

In 1969, when the first major riots broke out in the city, a brick wall was built to 'protect’ both neighbourhoods. Though the mental scars healed, the wall remained. And with every riot it has grown. Today the wall is almost three stories high and thicker than the old fort wall nearby. 


This is the ‘border’ where communal battles are fought, human persona ends and religious identity begins.

- Janyala Srinivas / Indian Express


Note: These images were made on assignment for Indian Express during the Gujarat riots of 2002.

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